Guest Post by Nosto: Increase Online Conversions using Personalization

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Just as brick and mortar stores must bring in foot traffic and create a positive in-store experience, so do eCommerce stores. Brands spend a lot of time and money on marketing resources to attract traffic into their stores. Once the shopper comes to the store, it’s crucial that they have a smooth shopping experience or else those efforts are put to waste. For example, if a customer comes into your store, and is negatively affected by the layout, by the staff or they see nothing they want they are going to walk out without a purchase. Traffic was brought to the store, but was it valuable? Ultimately, the answer is no. All of the same rules apply to eCommerce websites.

In the eCommerce world, again, many retailers spend the majority of their time and money on driving traffic to their website –  social and display ads, blogs, emails, you name it. And they are all great at getting that traffic. But once the ideal customer is on your site, is that the end of the journey? As you can see from the brick and mortar example, it’s only the beginning. Considering that 97% of an online store’s visitors leave without buying, it’s time for merchants to reconsider their focus.

Most online customers are shopping over the internet because it’s easier, faster, more accessible and, honestly, less work for them. That’s the type of experience they expect when they visit your site.

conversion rate

Let’s start with the basics of driving conversion:

  • High quality photography
  • Intuitive site navigation
  • Detailed product descriptions
  • Clear CTAs

Got those down? Great, but so do your competitors. How are you going to stand out?

Answer: Personalization.

59% of online shoppers say it is easier to find interesting products on personalized ecommerce stores” and “45% are more likely to shop on a site that offers personalized recommendations”.


personalizationWhen walking into a physical store, a customer wants to:

  • Enjoy the look a feel of the store and products
  • Feel welcomed and attended to by the staff
  • Clearly understand the layout
  • See desired products and related products

Online, we want the same. With personalization, the site acts like an automatic personal shopping assistant that understands the customer’s unique preferences, demographic and browsing history.

How does a personalization strategy increase the likelihood to purchase?


Let’s look at the facts:


Interested in learning more?

We have written an ebook that gives you more in-depth guidance and real life examples you can apply to your business: – ‘How to drive increases in conversion with personalization’ – the third instalment of ‘The Nosto complete guide to personalization’ series.

In this ebook we cover the following:

  • Personalization of content, copy and design – how to tailor the way your site looks and the words it uses.
  • Personalized product recommendations – why and how you should suggest products for your shoppers.
  • Personalized offers – how to use pop-ups to deliver offers to the individual.


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