June Partner Spotlight: Parkfield Commerce

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Nextopia proudly works with a wide range of partners in the eCommerce industry. Each month we choose one partner that stood out to us. This month’s is Parkfield Commerce! We had the opportunity to meet the team at an event in New York City, and also learn more about one of the founders, Richard Emanuel in a Q&A interview below. Richard is responsible for developing the business by providing direction and creating opportunities, managing finances, creating robust partnerships with other companies and enhancing marketing through digital platforms. Learn more about the agency below!

What does Parkfield Commerce Specialize In?

Parkfield Commerce offers beautifully designed and modern eCommerce stores, that capture the essence of our clients’ brands, are geared to sell and ensure a pixel perfect experience. We work with a number of fashion companies so our forte is typically clothing and jewellery. However, we don’t shy away from other industries, as we enjoy a challenge.


What is Parkfield Commerce known for? What makes you different from other agencies?

We are just as ambitious about our client’s success for their business as they are. We treat each and every client like our business partner, providing our advice and expertise when required.

Does Parkfield have any exciting news or upcoming plans?

We are about to launch our largest Shopify project yet (netaya.com). The website uses Nextopia and has over 9k products. We’ve also just completed our final eCommerce Meetup in NYC this year, which had an awesome turnout. We gave the audience tips on Drop Shipping, and how to build their eCommerce brand. We enjoy putting these events on for the NYC eCommerce community, as it allows people to meet face to face with industry experts and share ideas.

Why do you think search & navigation is important? What are some of the challenges your customers are facing with search and nav?

We believe Search & navigation is the backbone to any website, it truly is the unsung hero that people only notice the importance of when it doesn’t work. Without good navigation on your website, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your website is or how great your products are. Poor navigation can lead to frustrated people and poor search functionality will lead to unfound products, meaning a loss of sales. Whenever we start on a project we first focus on navigation throughout the site. The next step is the product and category layout which we allow to aid, and sometimes determine, the layout of the site.


What is it like working with the Nextopia team?

The team is fantastic, really responsive and provides a great service for our clients.

What is your company’s favorite quote?

“Can you make it pop?”

Tell us an interesting fact about Parkfield

The company name, Parkfield, is the street name of where one of the Co-Founders grew up in England, UK.

To learn more about Parkfield Commerce, visit their website here.



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