Nextopia Introduces Geo Target

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Geo Webinar

Have you ever wished you could tailor content for your website’s visitors based on their geographic location?

Geo Target is Nextopia’s powerful new capability which allows exactly this. With Geo Target, eCommerce retailers can unlock the power of location based merchandising, ensuring their visitors a highly relevant experience.

By curating campaigns to ensure products that are profit driving, pertinent to a specific area, and preferentially displayed, retailers are more likely to increase their conversions.

Geo Target rules can be applied to the following:

  • Fully customizable geographically targeted banners on any page
  • Increased customer awareness of regional promotions and sales
  • Recommend location-relevant products (ie, sports teams and seasonal items)

Find out more about Nextopia’s new capability. Connect with us on Twitter at @nextopia to voice your thoughts.

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