Switching from Google Site Search? Here are 9 Nextopia Features You’ll Love

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As we reported yesterday, Google has announced that it will be discontinuing Google Site Search (GSS) this spring. GSS is a paid product that lets web publishers power their internal website’s search engine based on the Google search technology. Google charges based on monthly query volume for the product.

Now that GSS is closing its doors, there’s no better time than the present to improve your website’s search function and start turning your browsers into buyers.

Did you know that Nextopia offers even more features and solutions than GSS? Let’s look at the search titan’s main features:

Label Refinements
Create labels to categorize content and let users filter their search results.

Image Search
Allow users to search for images and see results in a separate tab.

Ad-Free Results
Give your users the accuracy and relevance of Google Search, minus the ads.

Expand user queries to automatically include synonyms and acronyms, like “automated teller machine” for “ATM.”

Rich Snippets
Add formatting, images and special elements to the content samples users see in search results.

Enhance search results with thumbnail images generated automatically or specified by you.

Now, let’s look at what Nextopia can add to the mix.

1. Site Search with Autocomplete
Helps retailers increase sales and reduce bounce rates by helping customers find what they are looking for.  Nextopia site search with autocomplete effortlessly guides customers to the products they are looking for with enhanced autocompleted suggestions. 

Nextopia Autocomplete

2. Geo Target
This feature allows retailers to effortlessly create geographically relevant messages and campaigns throughout their eCommerce website. This feature increases satisfaction because customers are more likely to convert with a correctly targeted campaign.

3. Product Finder
Nextopia’s product finder guides shoppers through an intuitive and interactive process that leads them to the exact product they’re looking for. This results in a streamlined and personalized shopping experience, which will increase conversions and reduce bounce rates.

Google Site Search Switch
4. Geo Merchandising
Retailers are can create geographically relevant merchandising rules that are specific to a site visitor’s geographic location and needs, which can increase customer engagement and conversions.

5. Mobile Site Search
Provide site visitors with the same great site search and navigation on your mobile store. Nextopia’s Mobile Site Search provides a seamless mobile experience with relevant results, merchandising and enhanced autocomplete, which is proven to increase revenue by up to 40%.

Google Site Search Switch

6. Data Wizard
This feature allows retailers to modify and create refinements out of existing data based on rules and conditions. Retailers can take advantage of Nextopia’s faceted refinement ability to keep keyword relevancy intact and decreases the chance of a visitor landing on the dreaded “no results” found page.

7. Product Recommendations
With Nextopia’s Product Recommendation engine, customers can explore personalized recommendations to enhance their online shopping experience while retailers enjoy increased average order values and revenues. This feature allows retailers to easily up-sell and cross-sell products, dynamically generate personalized recommendations, and increase consumer product discovery.

Google Site Search Switch


8. Website Navigation
Increase conversions and customer satisfaction by ensuring that they can quickly find the what they are looking for thanks to Nextopia’s intuitive, dynamic, and faceted filtering and sort options. Nextopia’s website navigation solution can help retailers increase revenue by 76%.

Google Site Search Switch

9. Page Builder
Retailers can create highly optimized landing pages within minutes for their PPC campaigns on Google, Bing, Yahoo, blowout sales, email campaigns and on-site promos using Nextopia’s page builder solution. This feature is proven to increase revenue by 15%.

If you’re using Google Site Search right now and are looking for an improved solution for your search needs, book a free demo with us. We’ll show you all our features that’ll help turn browsers into buyers.

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