Big News: Google Site Search Is Being Discontinued

By February 22, 2017News, Site Search
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Google Site Search

Google has announced it will be discontinuing Google Site Search this spring, which is not to be confused with Google search itself.

Google Site Search is a paid product that lets web publishers power their internal website’s search engine based on the Google search technology. Google charges based on monthly query volume for the product.

Existing customers can keep using GSS for the remainder of their contract, but Google will stop selling new licenses and renewals as of April 1, 2017. The product will be completely shut down by April 1, 2018.

Once a GSS customer’s license is expired, the account will “automatically convert” to the company’s Custom Search Engine (CSE) product. CSE provides the same functionality, but is supported by Ads.

The news was announced to customers and partners by email Tuesday morning, followed by an announcement on the Google Enterprise Search page.

This news comes just over a year after Google announced a similar plan to phase out its Google Search Appliance. which bundled Google search into a piece of hardware that ran in companies’ own data centers last year.

This move is bound to affect a huge number of websites. If you’re using Google Site Search right now and are looking for an improved solution for your search needs, book a free demo with us. We’ll show you all of our features that’ll help turn browsers into buyers.

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