Nextopia Monthly Partner Spotlight: atmosol

By January 31, 2017Partners
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Nextopia Partner Spotlight atmosolNextopia is proud to work closely with a wide range of partners to further enhance the on-site search experience. Each month, we’re going to complete a Q&A with one of our partners so we can get to know them even better.

One partnership that has truly stood out is Arizona-based, eCommerce development consulting agency atmosol. We recently had the opportunity to learn more about CEO and president Vishal Wadher and learned why atmosol is such a valued Nextopia partner.

Please tell us your name and your role at atmosol:


Vishal Wadher, CEO and President. Vishal leads atmosol with a powerful vision for the future. With a passion for innovation, he guides atmosol’s every endeavor and continually positions the company as a leading eCommerce and digital marketing solutions provider to help retailers increase conversions and revenues. Vishal’s knack for thinking outside the box produces elegant and cost effective solutions for clients, helping them operate efficiently and profitably.

 Can you tell us a background of how atmosol started and the journey from there?

As sappy as it may sound, the truth is we (brother sister duo, Vishal Wadher, CEO and Asha Wadher, Former President 2005-2014) started atmosol because we were inspired to make dreams come true. We wanted to find a way to use our talents, experience and abilities to touch people’s lives and help them find happiness and fulfillment. Turns out, our tagline, “everything eCommerce” is our path to achieving that goal. It allows us to be innovative and have a clear mission that enables productivity and with a business model that accomplishes our clients’ goals. Plus, our atmosol culture values a quality of life for our team members that refreshes and inspires them to serve our clients in ways that bring out the best in all of us.

We believe life is about making choices, and making a difference. Together as a team, our mission is to make a “dent” in the eCommerce industry. Where did we get these crazy ideas? We blame it on Dad. He is an inspiring man who built his own enterprise from nothing and against all odds. By forming atmosol, the hope is to follow in his footsteps and carry on his values, in a way that highlights the collective talents and vision of our dedicated team.

What does your company specialize in? How large is atmosol?

With 12 years of industry experience behind us, we are a team of eCommerce experts who build world-class and conversion-focused eCommerce solutions for enterprise and SMB retailers. From design to development and building strategies to post-launch services, we have a team of experienced and passionate eCommerce specialists with the know-how to connect your brand with its target audience.

What kind of projects and industries does atmosol work with?

We have established long term and strong relationships with leading eCommerce platforms Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce.  These are the primary platforms we leverage for our retail clients.  As far as industries, we have worked with several across the board since any and every retailer needs and has an online presence now days.  However, we would say that majority of our clients fall under apparel, sports, consumer electronics, and home goods categories.

Why do you think Search & navigation is important? What are some of the challenges your customers are facing with Search and Navigation?


You’d never go hiking or camping in the woods without a map and a compass. It’s only natural to need and want an easy method to navigate to your destination and back home.  Other than ease of use, consumers have a very short attention span and patience when buying online.  Hence it is more important than ever to give users the easiest method to search, navigate and ultimately convert!

Retailers with a large set of categories and SKUs have a massive hurdle to overcome when consumers hit their site.  How can they easily and quickly guide the user through a dense forest of hundreds of SKUs, special offers, product content, pop-ups, brand messaging, etc. in order to find what they came for and check out!?  The answer of course is a solution like Nextopia that provides a highly customized and easy to use navigation and search functionality.

“eCommerce conversion happens when you have successfully created a personal and emotional bond with your customer who can visualize your product as part of their lifestyle” –Vishal Wadher, CEO, atmosol.


What platform does atmosol specialize in?

Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce

Is the atmosol team going to any tradeshows this year?

Magento Imagine

What makes your company unique?

Our unique proposition is that not only are we an expert development agency with the skills and know how to implement an eCommerce store with all the features and integrations needed, but we are also experts in digital marketing specifically for online retailers.  This combination allows us to help clients generate and drive the right kind of traffic to their website, and also lead them through the conversion funnel with responsive eCommerce storefronts.

Tell us an interesting fact about atmosol

We recently released a case study show casing how we TRIPPLED revenues for one of our clients.  This story perfectly encompasses how our development + marketing expertise came together in order to create the perfect storm for this client’s Shopify store. You can download the case study here.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Nextopia monthly partner spotlight!

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