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Marketers! Lighten your workload this holiday season by reimagining your marketing tech setup and choosing an email marketing platform that’ll streamline the production process. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

The run-up to the holiday season is an extremely busy time for eCommerce marketers. The fight against the competition means the need to be across all marketing channels, which puts pressure on resources, which can result in diluted messaging. And at this crucial time in the year it’s essential for brands to nail it, otherwise, they risk missing the boat.

It’s no surprise that email is always a key channel for marketers during this period. Unlike social media and display advertising, email enables companies to push relevant messages directly to their customers’ inboxes. It’s also proven to provide an outstanding return on investment; for instance, a 2015 report by the Direct Marketing Association, via Email Monday, revealed that it delivers an ROI of $38 per $1 spent. That means there’s always a drive to send more email because it clearly works.

Why should I reconsider my ESP?
When we say email works, it only does so when it’s done properly – and to do it properly can take time. Without a solid strategy in place, and an email marketing platform that lightens the load, brands put themselves in danger of alienating their customers, losing valuable contacts and seeing mediocre results. Here are four reasons why a super-slick piece of software can help marketers to wrap up their festive marketing – and then some.

1. Killer subject lines
A half-baked subject line can be detrimental to the success of a campaign, hence wasting time and effort creating the email in the first place. Writing a subject line is generally left until the last minute because the entire email creation process can be time-consuming and therefore it becomes an afterthought. Here are some tips for crafting subject lines that drive the right response:

● Consider wording that generates curiosity
● Tease your audience by suggesting you have something very special, but they have to click through to the email to find out what it is. Using an information gap is a psychological trigger and can compel people to click.
● Think carefully about the words you are using and avoid terms that every other competitor is saying to help you achieve stand-out. Instead, choose more striking alternatives.
● Also, consider adding a sense of urgency and mention time-based offers in the subject line to make people feel they need to read the email right away.

One way that marketers can give more prominence to subject line creation is to find a solution that removes complexities of the physical email build. An ESP that removes the need for coding and provides an intuitive user interface speeds up the production process and gives marketers time back to be creative.

graphic design concept: design layout on a laptop screen. Screen graphics are made up.

2. Professional email design
Marketers tend to wear many hats, meaning design isn’t their true forte. An off-brand email design can offer a confusing message to the consumer and appear to lead them down a path of mistrust. What’s more, in today’s mobile-centric age, an email template that’s not optimized for mobile devices provides a frustrating user experience. The dotmailer platform solves all of these issues, thanks to a new feature which enables designers to set fixed look-and-feel styles to ensure consistency. All pre-built email templates in the library – as well as those marketers create themselves – are also fully responsive, meaning they’ll work well on any device.

For those who are really strapped for time, many ESPs will have a creative services team that can take some of the burden – dotmailer offers this, too.

3. Great copywriting
The body of an email is the place to persuade the reader to take the desired action. If the copy is bad and rushed, the only thing they’ll be inclined to do will be to toss it in the trash. There are five things that copywriters should consider before putting words to email templates:

a. Know the audience
b. Consider readability – subheaders, bullets and content blocks create a better UX
c. Think customer centricity and address readers directly
d. Use actionable language
e. Sell the sizzle, not the sausage

The best copy is always considered – and without time to develop inspiring, thought-provoking content, marketers will fail to capture their audience’s interest. Today’s technological advancements have worked wonders for many companies because it’s enabled their marketing teams to slim down the time it takes to do the manual stuff and free them up to focus on what matters: engaging their customers with meaningful content.

Specialists in marketing technology
Lack of time, resource and skill sets are common barriers when it comes to companies using the full capabilities of their email marketing platform. Marketing automation and personalization are designed to drive up the relevancy of email campaigns at huge scale, hence improving overall performance. However, complicated technology can deter marketers from broaching into more advanced tactics that can save them heaps of time in the long run.

Thankfully, providers like dotmailer have made advanced email marketing easy, with user-friendly interfaces that include drag-and-drop functionality. There are also approved extensions that enable companies to connect their eCommerce platform to their ESP, such as dotmailer for Magento, removing the burden of data synchronization.

All in all, email is a fantastic marketing channel for the holiday season – and with the right technology and team behind it, it can be truly rewarding.

This post was created by dotmailer, an email marketing platform that enables companies to use transactional and behavioral data to design, test and send powerful campaigns.

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