Halloween Consumer Spending Surges In 2016

By November 1, 2016holidays
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2016 Halloween SpendingNow, more than ever, shoppers are turning to eCommerce sites for their Halloween costume, decoration and candy needs.

And now that Halloween has come and gone, we wanted to take a look at the numbers behind this beloved autumn holiday

What Are Americans Spending?

More than 171 million Americans celebrated Halloween this year and spent a lot of money in the process. This year total spending of Halloween goods in the U.S. is projected to reach a staggering $8.4 billion US dollars, which is up from $6.9 billion in ’15 putting spending in ’16 at an all-time high according to the National Retail Federation.

On average, American consumers spent $82.93 per person on decorations, candy, and costumes, which is a step up from last year’s average of $74.35.

Where Are Americans Getting Costume Inspiration?

When it comes to searching for costume ideas, online search and in-store search are the leaders in terms of finding costume inspiration. This year, online search will account for 36.4% of all costume inspiration.

However, social media has quickly become a key destination for costume inspiration, with Pinterest seeing the most growth over the last four years with a 133% increase.

Why The Online Surge?

As consumers become more comfortable with shopping online, retailers are investing more money into improving the online shopping experience. Mobile shopping is also contributed to the increase in online spending as consumers are eager to shop wherever and whenever they please.

Social Media As An Influencer

While online search was the predominant go-to for costume inspiration, there were still other sources of online costume inspiration…

  • 17.3% of shoppers looked on Facebook
  • 16.5% of shoppers looked on Pinterest
  • 11.9% of shoppers looked on YouTube
  • 9.3% of shoppers looked on Instagram
  • 5.4% of shoppers looked on Twitter
  • 3.3% of shoppers looked on blogs

Where Are Americans Shopping?

The top Halloween shopping destinations are…

  • 46.7% of consumers shop at discount stores
  • 36.4% of consumers shop at specialty stores (Halloween or costume)
  • 25.7% of consumers shop at grocery stores and supermarkets
  • 21.8% of consumers shop online, which saw one of the largest growths from 2015 as it improved +26.1%.

These numbers are a clear indicator that there’s no time like the present for retailers to invest in their eCommerce websites and make site search a priority. But despite these numbers, many retailers are failing to capitalize on simple website enhancements like site search and autocomplete or mobile optimization and in turn are failing at enhancing the online user experience.

To ensure your eCommerce store is prepared for not only Halloween but all shopping holidays next year, make sure to read more about Nextopia’s site search solutions and learn how we can help you convert more browsers into buyers.

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