Converting Sales from Your Transactional Emails

By November 1, 2016Email Marketing, Partners
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Spently Transactional Email
If you’re taking advantage of the wide swath of distribution and fulfillment services to bolster your business operations (eBay, Shopify, etc.), you owe it to your business to consider the same automation and balance checking for your sales process as well. After all, you did not get into business to be a salesperson, and although this is a necessary skill, the more time that you have for your actual product, the better off you will be!

Email is one of the most fruitful and convenient personalized sales methods that we have available to us. There are some strategies that you can use to increase the ROI of your emails even more than normal, however. The tips below will be especially helpful if you do not consider yourself a marketer, and you do not have anyone on staff with a deluge of ideas about engaging email content.

Analyzing Your Past Successes
In order to get the most out of your email enhancements (which we will talk about later), you need some great base material. If you have run email campaigns in the past, then you are in luck! You will definitely have some idea of how successful each campaign was by the traffic it drew and the sales it converted to your storefront. Take the extra step and quantify your past successes. You can get really in depth with this, but an Excel spreadsheet will do to start. All that you really need is to find the email content that has worked for you in the past.

Always Upsell
The next stage in creating a great email strategy is to constantly look for the upsell. It is essential that you have the right conception of the customer before you go into this phase of email production. When a customer makes it down far enough into your sales funnel to consider buying from you for a second time, that customer is looking for a reason to spend more money with you. You have overcome all of his silent objections, and now you are into the solution-finding stage of your relationship. The order confirmation email is a perfect opportunity for this upsell. As long as the upsells you offer are related to the previous purchase in some way, you should find success and a higher ROI per email.

Spently Transactional Email

Give Away Information
Every email that you produce should be informative about the problems that your customers come to your business to solve. Too many companies are remiss to give away any tidbit of professional information, thinking they will cannibalize sales. Rest assured that no DIY amateur or weekend warrior is looking to completely milk you for information and move on without buying. No one has time for this! People are simply trying to figure out whether they are working with a true expert or not. Giving away information shows confidence in your ability to solve problems and also expresses your expertise in the subject matter. Always look for a way to add value during the sale.

Telling a Story
What is the story behind your product, and why should a customer come to your business? People are looking for an emotional connection with your brand just as much as they are looking for practical solutions from your products. Give them a story to tell in your emails, and you will brand your products with more than you ever could with a feature list or hard sell.
When you are ready to take your email results to the next level, get in touch with the email experts at Spently. 100% compatible with Shopify Plus stores, Spently gives you the advantage of automated email campaigns and transactional emails, exploding your ROI from what would normally be only a simple Order confirmation or Shipping confirmation email!

About the Author:
Vincent Panepinto is an email marketing expert for retail, and the co-founder of Spently. Spently has an app featured in the Shopify App Store and is a Nextopia Partner.

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