Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Increase Conversions with Personalization

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Increase Conversions with Personalization

On your mark, get set – wait!

While your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns are a no-brainer for your eCommerce site, don’t hit the ground running without a proper strategy in place.

You might have your promotions lined up and are ready to dish out “your best deal of the year” – but here’s the real deal: your site visitors are receiving that same exact message – “best deal YET” – at every eCommerce site they are visiting.

You understand how your Q4 campaigns performance will affect your bottom line, and you’ve studied 2015’s traffic trends, but is your 2016 Black Friday and Cyber Monday strategy oozing with personalization?

It’s time to get personal! We’re going to go over four tips to dose up your holiday campaigns with personalization – and your KPI’s will tell you just how much your customers love it!

4 Tips to Personalize Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Campaigns

1. Serve Better Discounts to Loyal Customers
Increase conversions by offering your best deal to your tried & true segment.
While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are wonderful times to acquire new shoppers, do not neglect your loyal customers! Offer deeper deals to frequent customers as they have earned the best discount you’re offering.

Pro tip: don’t let the fact that loyal customers are receiving an increased discount go to waste. It’s the perfect time to ‘shamelessly self-promote’ that your business rewards loyalty. Engage logged-in users with messaging that reiterates that they are saving more than the standard promotion.

upsellittargetedtactic-example72. Recognize and Engage Returning Visitors
Increase conversions by offering a discount on a previously viewed product.
Target returning visitors with a discount on previously viewed and abandoned products. If they’ve abandoned once – okay, shame on them, their computer crashed. But if they abandon TWICE, shame on you! Offer repeat visitors an attractive deal and you’ll secure a conversion.

Pro tip: Cash in on the direct correlation between the time a consumer spends looking at a product and their willingness to purchase it. Your site doesn’t have to offer a deeper discount to these visitors, but take a different approach to personalization and elicit urgency in your messaging, ie: “3 customers are currently viewing the product!” “Only 3 left in stock!”

3. Guide Your Customer’s Through Your Site
Increase conversions by helping customers find products by color, brand, and price.
The holidays are crazy enough as it is– your eCommerce site shouldn’t be just as crazy! If your site is bumbling with holiday promotions galore, it can be difficult for even highly-qualified customers to find what they are looking for and complete their transaction.

Pro tip: Utilize an effective and proven method like Nextopia’s Website Navigation tool. With the power to filter and discover according to their preferences, your e-commerce site can easily merchandise and promote your best products while your shoppers can easily complete checkout!

4. Segment Your E-mail Blast
Increase conversions by personalizing your holiday email blast.
Properly segmenting your Black Friday and Cyber Monday email blasts is a must. Segmentation allows you to purposefully and specifically tailor your campaigns to specifically pique your audience’s interest.

If you’ve collected email addresses from users and they have never converted – those users should not receive the same promotion as customers who are active in your rewards program. It may be Black Friday and Cyber Monday… but everyone’s inboxes are going to be downright SPOOKY. Inboxes will be flooded with promotional messaging, so personalization is an absolute must.

Pro tip: Email subject lines are the most dependent on the power of personalization all year long, but especially during these campaigns. Know your audience, know your brand – but really play around, craft the perfect subject lines and get those emails opened!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday will flash before our eyes, but before you launch your campaigns, refer to these four proven tips and make sure you have all your bases covered! Personalize your campaigns and you’ll end Q4 with increased KPI’s and happy shoppers!

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