The Terrifying Numbers Behind Halloween Spending in the U.S.

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Halloween is more than just costumes and candy.

It signifies the beginning of a very successful holiday shopping season, and yet, many eCommerce retailers still manage to overlook it despite how profitable it can be.

Consumers are now shopping online for their decoration, candy, and costume needs, and in 2015 nearly half of Americans used eCommerce sites to find and purchase their costumes making Halloween the fourth most popular eCommerce holiday behind Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

In 2015, 157 million Americans participated in Halloween spending approximately $6.9 billion on festive goods.  Of this total, roughly $2.53 billion was spent on costumes, $2.41 billion on candy, and $1.88 billion on decorations.

If you’re an online retailer who has yet to get your site prepped, you better act quickly as one-third of shoppers have already begun to shop for the upcoming holiday, while 41% of consumers will begin their shopping within the first two weeks of October, and 25% will wait until the last two weeks of the month.

Our infographic below takes a look at consumer spending habits in the U.S., giving merchants a clear idea of what to expect from consumers in the coming weeks.


Halloween eCommerce Prep

For more information on how Nextopia can help you get your eCommerce site prepared for Halloween make sure to watch our Halloween eCommerce Lab video.

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