Don’t Fall Victim to These eCommerce Horror Stories

By October 21, 2016eCommerce, holidays
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eCommerce Horror Stories


Now that Halloween is less than two weeks away, we wanted to share are few eCommerce horror stories that are sure to give you goosebumps.

But not all scary stories involve ghosts and gore. Some of the most horrifying stories involve a decrease in sales due to not enough stock, blank no results found pages, and hard to locate search boxes — and as a retailer, these are your everyday horror stories.

To ensure that you don’t encounter any of these terrifying situations this holiday season, we’ve rounded up the five most frustrating things for shoppers to encounter and shared how you can prevent these horrifying situations from happening.

Blank No Results Found Page
There’s nothing more frustrating for a shopper than searching for an item and being directed to the dreaded ‘no results found’ page. Rather than missing out on these sales, retailers can prevent this from happening altogether by adding keyword redirects that lead them to a unique landing page that is filled with similar product recommendations.

As a Nextopia client, you can review your on-site search reports and see what the most commonly searched terms are and if any of them happen to be products you don’t intend on selling you can use that term as a keyword redirect.

Popular Items Out of Stock
The upcoming shopping holidays give retailers a huge window of opportunity to increase their sales and meet all end of quarter goals. But surprisingly, many retailers fail to prepare accordingly and don’t have enough stock on hand to keep up with demand. Nothing makes a shopper want to scream more than finding out the item they want to purchase is out of stock. This season, make sure you have sufficient stock planned for your selected holiday promotions. Setting a stock buffer will additionally protect you from overselling, which can be one of the main pitfalls of shopping holidays.

Hard to Locate Search Box
If your customers are struggling to find your search box, chances are they’re going to get frustrated and leave your site regardless of your product selection or brand reputation. To ensure your visitors always have a smooth shopping experience, look for ways to make your site search box stand out from your site’s color scheme. A great way to do this is by putting text inside of the search box, such as “Enter keyword”, by adding a button that reads “Search”, as well as a recognizable search icon similar to the green magnifying glass in the image above.

No Filtering
As an online retailer, in order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to be able to provide your customers with a wide range of sizes, brands, styles, and colors. But having such a wide range of products can also become a problematic situation if your visitors can’t find what they’re looking for on your site. This is where using proper product filters can really improve the shopping experience for visitors. eCommerce retailers should all be using a proper filtering system, as it makes it easy for shoppers to sort through thousands of products to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Not Being Mobile Optimized 
Considering how connected consumers are to their mobile devices, it’s a huge mistake for retailers to  not have mobile-optimized sites. Considering mCommerce accounts for over 30% of all eCommerce sales globally, offering a mobile optimized storefront is a key factor to the success of all holiday sales.

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