3 Ways to Better Understand Your Online Customers

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Although there isn’t a customer who is physically walking into your eCommerce store, it’s still equally important to ensure the same amount of customer service. Understanding, delivering, and exceeding your customer’s expectations is crucial for the success of any company.

When defining your customer base, it’s important to acknowledge the difference between visitors simply browsing your website from customers who are purchasing. These 3 tips will help you differentiate your customer base, guaranteeing a better return on investment.

1) Measure the effectiveness of your customer interactions

Begin by inspecting all the areas where your clients come into contact with your company. Ensure that your company is presentable, attentive, and organized. If not, this can leave your customers feeling displeased with your company and they may not return. The most common customer complaint is long wait times between initiation and execution of a process. Whether it’s on the phone, a reply on social media, or a late filling of an order, it is important to understand that your customer’s time is extremely valuable. Customer service should be the most important priority throughout your company.

Also, make sure that your website is user-friendly. There are many cost-effective programs out there that provide feedback to ensure you have a functional website. For instance, Clicktail and Crazyegg are great examples of software designed to ensure your visitors are being lead in the intended direction. Studies show that 92.6% of customers say that appearance is the strongest influencing factor on their purchase decisions. Within 90 seconds of their initial viewing, 90% make their decisions based on color alone. Make sure your customers are lead to make the desired conversions.

2) Use data to understand your customers

Monitoring visitor profiles, generally through some kind of insights or analytics software, is the best way to keep track of who is paying attention to your business. Use these statistics to uncover trends such as people visiting your website, potential customers, and those buying your products. Once you have the relevant data, you will be better able to optimize targeted marketing campaigns, ensuring you are reaching the proper customers.

Using Google Analytics, you can gain better insight into how your customers behave. Analytics will show you the various paths your customers take when they are on your website, whether the customer makes a purchase, or not. If you notice in your analytics that your customers are leaving your site after searching for a specific item and not finding it, you may want to consider selling this product if you don’t, or getting more in stock. Your analytics gives you in-depth insight into who your customers are and how they shop. Just be sure to make use of this information.

3) Use feedback to steer your company

Sending customer surveys is one of the most popular ways to gather feedback. It’s important to make sure the survey is short and only asks for information that is relevant and actionable. Having said that, a company should go one step forward – Speak to your customers. Using only metrics and analytics may limit crucial information about overall customer satisfaction. Although asking your customers what they think seems to be a daunting task, it is also the most effective way to get insight on how your company is perceived. Using customer feedback will help your company make the necessary modifications to ensure the optimal experience on your website.

Although eCommerce is a great way for companies to get their product in front of a broader audience, it can also be subject to criticism. By doing your research and understanding your customer, you will establish trust, credibility, and ultimately increase conversions.

Here at Nextopia, we are happy to help you with any questions you may have about how to best engage customers on your eCommerce store. Named a Top 3 site search solution by Internet Retailer, we are always eager to share our knowledge to help you sell smarter.

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