Cost of Inaction: Why You Can’t Ignore Site Search

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Autocomplete helps customers quickly and easily find your products

Your business needs to invest in site search. This is an economic reality!

Even if you have had ineffective site search services/functionalities in the past or don’t think that you can afford the time or money to invest in site search, you may need to reconsider your stance here. Having an effective site search function on your e-commerce site has a number of potential benefits. Customers are accustomed to finding results quickly and accurately from search engines, and will expect a similar experience on e-commerce sites.

On e-commerce sites, up to 30% of visitors will use the site search box, and each of these users are showing a possible intent to purchase by entering product names or codes.

Are you still on the fence about investing in site search?

Here are 7 reasons that you should consider when justifying whether or not you should be investing in site search on your website:

1. Site search is not a cost, but an investment. If you invest the right time and effort, your business can generate a high return. You will have to spend some budget, but it’s worth it.

2. Your competitors are doing it. If your organization is not moving forward towards enhancing your site search, your competitors are. Do you want to be a step forward or behind your competitors? The reality is your competitors are always looking to be top of mind.

3. Increased sales. Having an effective site search means better usability, and customers can find things more quickly. This can translate into higher revenue, as customers who find what they are looking for easily are more likely to make a purchase.

4. Higher conversion rates. A more intuitive search and navigation means higher conversion rates.

5. Increase in site page sessions. A better user experience means that customers are more likely to spend more time on the site, and can boost the number of registrations and return visits.

6. Improved customer retention and loyalty. The happier a customer is shopping on your site, the more they will come back to it. This creates customer loyalty, as they can find products easily on your website.

7. Improved branding and credibility. Having an improved user experience means more customer satisfaction, and a better customer journey compared to competitor websites.

You’re still on the fence about investing in site search?

Here are 7 statistics that are hard to ignore, when you’re trying to justify whether or not you should be investing in site search on your website:

1. Up to 30% of visitors will use the site search box

2. 80% of consumers will abandon a site after a poor experience

3. 25% of site visitors will click on a search suggestion

4. Site search users convert at 1.8 times the rate of other site visitors, according to eConsultancy

5. “Why is site search important” generated 1.1 billion Google search results

6. 85% of people have used the Internet to make purchases

7. By 2018, the number of global online shoppers will grow by 50%. That’s 1.623 billion people shopping online

To conclude

Companies are increasing their investment in site search because they recognize the range of benefits that effective technology can bring to their business. Used successfully, site search can increase conversion rates and improve customer retention.

If you’re not sure where to start or need assistance improving your current site search strategy, at Nextopia we are here to help.

We’re in the business of helping online retailers sell smarter. With over 1,600 customers, we’re #3 in site search among the Internet Retailer Top 1000. Our powerful technology (such as Autocomplete) streamlines and supercharges your sales and merchandising efforts, and improves your customers’ shopping experience.

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