Challenge Accepted: Nextopia Does the Ice Bucket Challenge!

By September 2, 2014Uncategorized
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It’s 3pm on a typical day in the Nextopia office. Between the clatter of keystrokes, an office full of employees works diligently to create and distribute content and products they’re proud of. Coffee is brewing. Calls are being made.

The energy and engagement running throughout the office is reminiscent of any usual day in the Nextopia office.

But today was no typical day. Today was Ice Bucket Challenge day.

We love the idea of doing great work for a good cause, and for us that means creating exceptional search technology for incredible ecommerce retailers. Today however, we wanted to make a different impact. To step outside of our eCommerce world.

The ALS Ice Bucket challenge embodies the exciting and enriching experience we were looking for. When Beacon Technologies gave us our nomination, we happily accepted!

Now that we (and our wallets!) have ‘taken the plunge’ – we’d like to continue to movement and invite SLI Systems, Magento, and Yahoo! Small Business to show us what they’ve got!

Here’s to a happier and healthier future,

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