Mobile Commerce to Grow by 80% in 2014: Will You Be Ready?

By August 21, 2014Uncategorized
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Mobile shopping isn’t just the future—it’s the present. A recent article over at Internet Retailer profiled the growth of mobile sales among their Internet Retailer Mobile 500 list, and the numbers are truly astounding. Mobile sales are set to hit $83.78 billion in the Mobile 500 alone, up a staggering 80% from the 2013 figure of $46.56 billion. The growth isn’t just limited to U.S. retailers alone either, as the Mobile 500 includes retailers from the United Kingdom, China, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, and 16 other countries. In addition, the report stated that mobile sales will account for 21.1% of the roughly $394.71 billion in total web sales amongst the Mobile 500, with tablets accounting for 59% of mobile sales and phones making up the remaining 41%. So, what do these numbers mean for you? They indicate that if your current eCommerce site doesn’t fully support mobile shopping, you’re going to miss out on an exponentially-growing market segment.

That’s why Nextopia’s Mobile Search solution gives internet retailers the same adaptive search algorithm and relevant results that has made Nextopia the #1 global provider of eCommerce site search and navigation solutions—all in a mobile-optimized package. Our completely customizable, user-friendly template system allows our customers to personalize the look of their mobile search and make changes on the fly, while our app-like interface gives customers the functionality they have come to expect, without the need for an additional download.

As more and more shoppers turn to their tablets and phones for their shopping needs, it’s imperative that internet retailers deliver the same level of performance and ease-of-use on mobile devices as they do on their web stores. “Mobile is a transformative technology,” says Amazon.com’s director of mobile shopping Paul Cousineau. “As our percentage of customers adopting mobile continues to grow, mobile can no longer be a limited subset of features or products. People do not put their phone down then go find a desktop to do something. They use their phone. And we think with clever use of functions and design, it is possible to give mobile customers 100%.” We, here at Nextopia, agree 100%.

To learn more about Nextopia Mobile Search, or any of our other eCommerce solutions, give us a call at 1-800-360-2191. Or, click here to schedule a free Web Site & Mobile Shopping Evaluation.

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