eCommerce Trends: Men vs. Women

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Men and women prefer different products, colours, and even marketing promotions. But if this is such commonplace knowledge, then why do retailers often amalgamate both genders into one general audience?

We know that men and women have different buying behaviours and it’s time to start designing our stores to appreciate this fact. We’ve compiled reports from different eCommerce publications to dive deeper into the peculiarities of each gender, and how you can leverage these subtleties for your organization.

Check out the infographic to learn more about the eCommerce shopping habits of men and women:



Women are 4% more likely to buy something on a mobile device. Tweet This!

Men shop most at night, while women prefer midday. Tweet This!

Females comprise 58% of all eCommerce purchases. Tweet This!

Men use #socialmedia to search & compare products. Women use it to find deals. Tweet This!

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