The Upcoming mCommerce Explosion: Don’t Get Left Behind

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A Mobile World

You’ve spent time optimizing your pages for click-through’s, conversions, and increased sales. You’ve selected the best keywords, A/B tested some new landing page designs, and re-worked the back-end to decrease loading times. After all of this effort, what if I told you that your customers may never see these changes?

We live in a mobile world. No longer confined to desks by cumbersome cables or poor battery performance, we’ve taken our work with us—through smartphones, tablets, and telecommuting. But,  how does this massive mobile movement affect your eCommerce operation?

The astronomical growth of eCommerce is indisputable as a report from ComScore shows that the industry has seen positive, double-digit year-over-year (YoY) growth for the past 18 quarters. In other words, eCommerce has grown at >10% per quarter for 36 months consecutively. Most recently, Q1 2014 spending totaled $63.4 billion.

Everyone from niche boutique stores to multinational retailers are capitalizing on the growth of the eCommerce industry. What if these players are missing out on a huge piece of the pie? Many recent reports tout the potential of mCommerce (Mobile Commerce) – but these reports are missing the point:mCommerce is already here.

Rise of mCommerce
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