PPC Keyword Research: Listen to Your Customers

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Shopify recently posted a helpful beginners guide to eCommerce PPC keyword research.  While the information was extremely relevant and important there was one aspect that we feel was left out—utilizing your own on-site search data to build PPC campaigns through customer-driven PPC keyword research.

With Nextopia Search‘s full analytics suite, retailers can gain incredible insight into their customer’s behavior. On-site search solutions like Nextopia Search allow eCommerce retailers to take advantage of their search analytics data. The data is particularly useful for PPC keyword research, and for creating PPC campaigns that focus on long tail (or, low search volume) keywords. This provides a tremendous opportunity to access highly-motivated buyers at a much lower cost, and will often be PPC areas where your competitors are not bidding.

While we agree with Shopify’s suggestions on traditional PPC keyword research methods, your keyword and spend decisions are ultimately based on assumptions rather than proof. For example, you assume that people will be searching “nike shoes” to get to your online shoe store. But, what if customers are searching a specific, popular model? Or “nike high top sneakers” has actually resulted in more sales than “nike shoes” on your site? Or, your highest performing “nike” search is a string of queries that you could have never anticipated? Only by looking at your customer’s actual search data through your search analytics can you be sure which keywords people are using to access your products, and which ones perform the best.

There is no magic method to PPC and SEO keyword research. But, by using Nextopia’s robust analytics suite, you can add a powerful tool to your toolbox and stay one step ahead of your competition.

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