eCommerce Iron Chef: Nextopia Edition

By June 4, 2014Contests, Employees
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There are two Account Executives in the Nextopia office who come in every day with a better home-made lunch than everyone else. From chili to pulled pork to their signature sandwiches, it’s clear these men love to cook. Both have a culinary background and experience working in a kitchen, and they come to work day after day with something new and delicious for lunch that everyone else drools over.

It was time to put these two to the test in the ultimate soup and sandwich showdown. It was agreed that each chef, Adam and Alex, would come to work prepared to serve 3 fellow employees lunch. The rules? They had to serve a soup and sandwich combo made from scratch, and would be judged by their panel of colleagues. The prize? Pride.

With nearly 50 employees in the office, the only fair way to pick 3 judges was from a hat. These 3 randomly selected judges were the envy of the entire office, and came prepared (fresh off of especially light breakfasts) to taste what Adam and Alex had prepared.

Adam presented an angus beef & soppressatta sandwich on a Calabrese bun with caramelized onions, red cabbage, and a grain-mustard honey aioli. It was paired with butternut squash soup. Alex, on the other hand, prepared a spicy fire-roasted red pepper and tomato soup with garlic-herb crostini and a cool dill tzatziki to garnish. He paired his soup creation with a prosciutto and mozzarella slider with caramelized red onions and fresh basil.

In the end it was decided that Alex presented the better soup, while Adam had the better sandwich. After seeing the amazing food and the competitive atmosphere, everyone here at Nextopia is counting down the days until the next showdown. Hopefully next time, it’ll be my name that’ll be picked to judge!

Here are some mouth-watering photos of the epic showdown:







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