The Customized Workspaces of Nextopia’s Developers & Designers

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At Nextopia, we understand that for our Developers and Designers, their desk and equipment is their temple. That’s why we believe in making our employee workspaces as enjoyable as possible.

Working at a desk doesn’t have to be uncomfortable—in fact, we believe it should be as personalized and comfortable as your home set-up. Nextopia offers each of our Developers and Designers a $2k budget to customize their computer equipment and workspace. From Bluetooth keyboards to iPads to micron sketching pens, our team of Developers and Designers have created a work environment that is the envy of  any tech enthusiast.

Along with these customized touches, Nextopia provides a bright and spacious office. With floor-to-ceiling windows and dual screen monitors, it’s hard to know where to look (but we’re hoping they choose the monitors). Check out some of the high-tech gadgets our Developers and Designers have chosen to spend their $2k budgets on (with a few of their own personal prized possessions mixed in), and take a brief peek into the space where our Developers and Designers create the software that has made us the #1 global provider of eCommerce site search and navigation solutions.








Are you a Developer or Designer with a passion for eCommerce? We’re always looking for talented people to join our team. Head over to our Careers Page and apply today!

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