mCommerce to Reach $114B in U.S. in 2014: Is Your Mobile Search Ready?

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Smartphones and tablets are used for many reasons; to keep organized, to play games, and, of course, to communicate with friends and family. But now, more and more consumers are turning to these devices to make their purchases.

Internet Retailer recently presented research conducted by Forrester Research Inc. about the forecasts for mCommerce in 2014. The results were astounding.  “Purchases via smartphones and tablets will account for 29% of U.S. consumers’ online purchases in 2014,” writes Thad Reuter, Senior Editor of Internet Retailer. This would account for an increase of 21% from 2013.

“Mobile sales, not counting travel and food purchases, will hit approximately $86 billion this year,” writes Reuter. “Including travel and food, mobile sales will reach $114 billion this year, up 58.3% from about $72 billion last year.” This prediction shows a trend towards mobile buying that eCommerce retailers need to now take into consideration when making business decisions.

Nextopia understands the trend and importance of mCommerce and offers a solution that can help eCommerce retailers move into the world of mobile quickly and easily. Nextopia Mobile Search integrates Nextopia’s industry-leading search and navigation into a mobile friendly and completely customizable package.

Forrester Research Inc. predicts that by 2018, mCommerce sales in the U.S. will reach $293 billion.  Judging by the growing numbers of mCommerce shoppers, eCommerce companies need to adapt to the world of retail becoming increasingly mobile. Is your mobile search ready?

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