Nextopia Cuts CostumeCollections.com.au’s Search-To-Exit Rate by 75%

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In our latest Nextopia customer success story, let’s take a look at how Nextopia decreased Costume Collection‘s eCommerce search-to-exit rate by 75% and improved their other key metrics across the board.


Costume Collection: An Introduction

Based out of Sydney, Australia, Costume Collection provides costumes, dresses, and party outfits to their customers. Their website is run on the Magento platform and they have been Nextopia customers for over a year.

Poor Search Results Caused Extraordinary Search-to-Exit Rate

Before implementing Nextopia’s software, Costume Collection’s search had a tendency to return very poor results, causing their customers to believe that they did not carry the products they were looking for. This resulted in an extremely high search-to-exit rate of 80%. They hoped that by switching to Nextopia, they’d be able to keep potential customers on their site, and increase sales in turn.


Nextopia’s Results

After implementing Nextopia Search and Autocomplete, Costume Collection experienced a drastic drop in their search-to-exit rate, from 80% to 20%. With customers now able to find exactly what they were looking for, Costume Collection was also able to boost their other key metrics. Their overall revenue increased by 20%, their sales and conversions both increased by 15%, their average order value increased by 10%, their customer time-on-site increased by 10%, and their daily searches performed increased by a whopping 400%. Needless to say, implementing Nextopia Search and Autocomplete provided tremendous R.O.I., all while increasing customer satisfaction.

Nextopia’s Benefits

Costume Collection also found that Nextopia’s back end reporting gave them invaluable insight into their customer’s behaviour. “The back end reports are helpful in learning about what our customers are searching for,” said Costume Collection’s CIO Ming Malaykham. They also found that their customer service team saw, “less questions about whether we have a particular product (when we do) as the search is producing good results.” Costume Collection found what many of Nextopia’s other 1,600 happy customers found—that enhancing your eCommerce store’s search function keeps customers, converts them to buyers, and makes you money.

Industry: Clothing

Region: Australia

Website: http://www.costumecollection.com.au/

Platform: Magento

Nextopia Products: eCommerce Site Search, Enhanced Autocomplete

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