Nextopia Site Search & Autocomplete Increases OKA Direct’s eCommerce Conversion Rate by 39%

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In our latest Nextopia customer success story, we’re going to look at how Nextopia increased OKA Direct‘s eCommerce conversion rate by 39% and improved their key metrics across the board—all in only five months.


OKA: An Introduction

Established in 1999 as a mail order catalogue, OKA offers an entire range of products for the home including sofas, upholstered furniture, dining tables and chairs, curtains, storage, beds, headboards and linen, rugs, lighting and so much more. Over the last 14 years, OKA has developed into a multi-channel retailer currently operating 11 shops across the United Kingdom, alongside a mail order, online and trade service. They run their store on the Episerver platform, and have been a Nextopia customer on the UK version of their website for five months.

Stock Search Delivered Poor Results

OKA found that their stock platform search was not practical for their needs and was generating far too many errors, leading to customer complaints and a general lack of performance. After looking at several of our competitors, OKA decided on Nextopia. Why? Because “The dashboard and user interface was very simple,” said OKA’s Search & Content Strategy Manager Jack Stevens, “and more competitively priced than other agencies I spoke with.”


Nextopia’s Results

After only five months with Nextopia’s eCommerce Search and Enhanced Autocomplete, OKA saw a tremendous return on investment across many of their key metrics. Nextopia’s conversion suite proved to be an incredible revenue generator, as it increased their revenue from search by 37%, their conversions by 39%, and their total transactions by 53%. They also found that visitors who used to search and leave their site when they couldn’t find what they were looking for plummeted, as their search-to-exit Rate decreased by 60%. A better search also meant more customers turned to the search bar, as OKA saw their Daily Searches Performed increase by 10%.

A Strong Recommendation

Stevens gave Nextopia a rousing endorsement, praising our staff as “Excellent, knowledgeable and helpful” and mentioned Nextopia Enhanced Autocomplete as their favourite product in Nextopia’s conversion suite. “For minimal effort, time and resource” said Stevens, “you can make a genuinely massive impact on sales performance and achieve incredible ROI.”

Industry: Home Furnishings

Region: UK

Website: www.okadirect.com

Platform: Episerver

Nextopia Apps: eCommerce Site Search, Enhanced Autocomplete

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