Nextopia Boosts UK eCommerce Retailer’s Revenue From Search by 900%

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In another Nextopia customer success story, today we’re going to look at how Nextopia increased UK-based camera accessory retailer digi-Quick‘s revenue from search by a whopping 900%, and saved their staff valuable time and money in the process.


digi-Quick: An Introduction

Founded in 2006, digi-Quick is an eCommerce retailer of camera and camcorder accessories. The company is made up of a small team of dedicated photographers and electrical experts based on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, England. Now an established business, digi-Quick has grown into one of the UK’s top and most knowledgeable electrical accessory suppliers. They run their eCommerce store on the Magento platform.

Stock Search Shortcomings

Prior to using Nextopia, digi-Quick found that their stock site search fell short due to the nature of their product catalog, where small variations in product names and descriptions (including dashes, spaces, etc.) are crucially important for customers to find the correct accessory for their camera or camcorder. The standard search offering would not return specific enough search results, and digi-Quick discovered they were losing business because of it.

digi-Quick’s pre-Nextopia search technology also meant they had to write a search over-ride script, where their staff had to manually list over 250,000 keyword variations and product locations. This task was time consuming and expensive.


Solution & Results

After Nextopia was recommended by their web agency, digi-Quick made the switch to Nextopia Search in January of 2012. According to their director Sam Taylor, Nextopia immediately provided “ease of use and excellent search results” to their customers. The results were astounding. Taylor told Nextopia that “10% of our revenue now comes specifically from people using the search” and that the number “previously was 1%”. They have received excellent customer feedback on their search performance. With their products easier to find and revenue from search exploding, Taylor thoroughly recommends Nextopia. He also called the sales staff “extremely helpful and friendly,” and noted that Nextopia’s developers are very competent in their knowledge.

Nextopia’s R.O.I.

Nextopia’s powerful R.O.I. is reflected in two major ways for digi-Quick. Previously, the staff had to manually input variations of keywords which took up a large amount of their staff’s time. With Nextopia Search, the product catalog was easily uploaded, indexed, and updated frequently, saving digi-Quick valuable time and money. The second, and most direct reflection of Nextopia’s R.O.I., is their staggering 900% increase in their revenue from search. It’s easy to see why digi-Quick and over 1,500 other happy customers use Nextopia. Contact us today to discover how our powerful R.O.I. can transform your business.

Industry: Consumer Electronics

Region: UK

Website: www.digi-quick.co.uk

Platform: Magento

Nextopia Apps: eCommerce Site Search

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