Nextopia Improves Conversion Rates by 110% on 3dCart Store SimplySpeakers.com

By October 28, 2013Case Studies
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Industry: Audio Equipment

Region: USA

Website: www.simplyspeakers.com

Nextopia Apps: eCommerce Site Search, Enhanced Autocomplete

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Simply Speakers: An Introduction

Since 1992, Simply Speakers has been providing quality parts and service for most major speaker brands. From speaker foam replacement kits, to diaphragms, grill cloth and other accessories, Simply Speakers is a one stop shop for all of your speaker repair needs. They run their store on the 3DCart Platform, and have been a Nextopia customer for six months. Believing that poor search results were leading to lost revenue, Simply Speakers turned to Nextopia eCommerce Site Search and Enhanced Autocomplete to improve their customers’ shopping experience.

Nextopia’s Results

Since implementing Nextopia eCommerce Site Search and Enhanced Autocomplete, Simply Speakers have seen tremendous improvements over several key indicators:


Nextopia has also had a huge impact on Simply Speakers’ customer service team. According to Simply Speakers owner Sean Ryan, his team spends 25% less time on the phone answering customer questions since switching to Nextopia, and they can find items three times faster than before. In total, Ryan estimates that Simply Speakers’ internal customer service is 30% faster since implementing Nextopia, which he said serves as “a great tool for us in-house when dealing with customers by phone.”

A Strong Recommendation

Great service, easy setup, customizable platform.” Those are just some of the reasons Simply Speakers owner Sean Ryan answered “yes!” when asked if he’d recommend Nextopia. Ryan called the Nextopia sales staff “great!” and gave them a “10 in our book”, and said the support staff was “awesome” because they “[fixed] issues within 24 hours.” However, his most powerful recommendation came when he was asked about the biggest change in his day-to-day business since implementing Nextopia. Quite simply, he answered “[we have] been busier shipping more orders.”

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