Case Study: Gadgets & Gear

By August 23, 2013Case Studies
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Gifts and Security
Nextopia Apps:
Ecommerce Site Search
Enhanced Autocomplete

Gadgets and Gear

Industry: Gifts and Security

Region: USA

Website: www.gadgetsandgear.com

Nextopia Apps: Ecommerce Site Search, Enhanced Autocomplete

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Gadgets and Gear: An Introduction

GadgetsandGear.com (Gadgets and Gear) specializes in delivering innovative gift items and surveillance products. Running on the Yahoo! Platform with a catalog of over 10,000 unique items, Gadgets and Gear has served over 50,000 customers and offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. They have been a Nextopia customer since March 2013.

Stock Search Delivered Poor Results

Gadgets and Gear found that their stock platform search was delivering poor results and was missing key opportunities to present the right products to the right customers. “The lack of control with the built-in system was leading to poor conversion and engagement,” Jason Lazarus, Owner of Gadgets and Gear told Nextopia. “Targeted products were not shown to customers, even if they were searching for the proper item. In addition, there was no way to provide search navigation for people to drill down by specific criteria.” These problems are not unique to Gadgets and Gear—many eCommerce retailers find that the stock search and navigation of most eCommerce platforms simply don’t cut it in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace.

Nextopia’s Results

After implementing Nextopia’s search and enhanced autocomplete, Gadgets and Gear saw dramatic jumps in their key performance indicators. Lazarus told Nextopia that since implementation, he “saw a transaction increase [of] 230%, [a conversion increase] of 64%, and [a] Per Visitor Value [increase of] over 63%.” Gadgets & Gear also saw their time-on-site after a search increase by 112%, and their overall pageviews increased by 6% after switching to Nextopia. In addition to a bump in their bottom line and their web performance, Gadgets and Gear used Nextopia’s back-end customization to further enhance their customer experience. “On the fly we can instantly adjust marketing efforts depending on what comes at us,” says Lazarus. “For example, if we see a flurry of people searching for something specific and not finding it, we can instantly change their destination to give them the best user experience.”


Site Search as a Marketing Tool

Gadgets and Gear uses Nextopia’s technology to not only help their existing customers find what they’re looking for, but to attract new customers by creating custom search result pages. “The ability to create custom search result pages has put new life into our marketing efforts,” Lazarus told us. “Using Google Adwords, we create custom landing pages that show targeted products that have the best chance of conversion. This is something that was not possible using the built-in system. We also use these custom landing pages to create specialized promotion pages for our email marketing campaigns, or seasonal / temporary pages.” Nextopia doesn’t just enhance your customer experience—it actively generates new business.

A Strong Recommendation

When asked whether they would recommend Nextopia, the answer was clear. “Of course!” said Lazarus. “The flexibility with the data and integration has never been easier. The power you are getting at such a reasonable price is impossible to beat or pass up. I have heard of similar systems that offer less control which cost 5X as much as Nextopia charges. You are without question getting the best bang for your buck.” Nextopia’s staff and customer service also received rave reviews. The Sales Team? “Everyone has always been reachable, thorough and quick to react.” The Support Team? “Super quick response time, and the ticketing system makes it really easy to communicate.” Gadgets and Gear is just one of our over 1,500 success stories. So the real question is—what are you waiting for?

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