Nextopia Brings Online Retailing to Facebook

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You’ve probably heard of Facebook.

• It is a 500+ million strong community of consumers
• It’s known for marketing lead generation
• It’s known for branding opportunities
• It is known for The Social Network film that’s nominated for 8 Academy Awards

We think that our newest application will also make Facebook known as a source of ecommerce sales.

Where Facebook Meets Online Retailing
Our new eComm|SearchFacebook app enables Nextopia customers (over 1,100 at last count) to extend the same technology that powers site search on their own websites to their Facebook pages.

That’s right, you can now integrate a completely searchable ecommerce catalog directly into your Facebook page. Your Facebook fans and users will be able to search your entire product catalog, refine searches, and locate products without ever leaving Facebook.

Right in Front Of Your Social Networking Customers
Take your store and put it right in front of the customer where you can influence them with your product offerings, in addition to all of the “likes” and “recommendations to friends” messaging that characterizes social networking.

The beautiful thing is that it takes 10 minutes to get set up. It integrates seamlessly. Here’s SafetySign.com’s new “shopping-enabled” Facebook page.


Flexible Pricing and Features
We developed and priced the app so it is flexible enough to meet the needs and budgets of all retailers, regardless of their Facebook marketing sophistication, or size.

Three pricing tiers, starting at $495 per year.

Depending on the plan, features can include: add-to-cart functionality, Like buttons, analytics integration, social tag cloud, reporting, and display customization options.

A No-Brainer

“Making our ecommerce website an integrated part of our Facebook experience opens the door for additional sales to existing fans and millions of other potential customers.”
Michael Schoenfeld
Vice President
Brimar Industries

We agree, of course. It is a no-brainer. Here are the results for the “no entry” search.

Nextopia Makes Ecommerce Within Facebook Possible

Our new app is a snap to deploy into any Facebook page and you don’t have any software to install. We’ve even designated a special Nextopia Facebook App integration team to answers your questions and get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Call 800-360-2191 toll free and ask for the FB team.

A New Sales Channel For You
One of the coolest things is that this app really creates an opportunity for you to use social networking as a direct-to-consumer sales channel, as opposed to just a branding or marketing opportunity.

We think it will help open the door for you to additional sales to existing fans and millions of other potential customers.

We’re looking forward to rolling this out throughout the Nextopia universe.

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