Merchandising: The Importance of Color Filters

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I just came across a post over at Ecommerce Outtakes that perfectly illustrates the issues many online retailers have with the lack of color filters and other category-based navigation tools. The author uses Lion Brand Yarn’s website as an example of where an ecommerce site badly needs color filter technology, and instead leads the customer on a frustrating chase to find what they’re looking for. Under the “Shop” option, the author notes that the website specifically highlights their color selection:

However, when the customer clicks the link, they’re led to a site that makes browsing these 1,048 colors incredibly difficult due to a lack of color filtering and navigation:


What does this teach us? Well, for starters, that online retailers shouldn’t highlight the vastness of a certain category unless the customer can easily find and navigate their way to their desired category easily. Secondly, it illustrates just how important category-based navigation is when dealing with a large inventory of similar products of different variations. With Nextopia Navigation, we make it easy for customers to filter out what they don’t want, and narrow their searches without relying on guessing the exact search string needed to deliver a specific result. Let’s use this screenshot below as an example:

In the example above, you can sort not only by color, but by category, type, price range and light color. With a few simple clicks, customers on the site above are able to narrow their search results to the exact specifications they are looking for without the frustration of needing to enter multiple text strings. And, what this ultimately means for ecommerce retailers are customers who convert more often, complete their shopping experiences in less time, and are more likely to become repeat customers.

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