Nextopia Filtered Navigation Pays Off for Online Stores

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Internet Retailer just profiled Nextopia customer Online Stores, discussing its strategy for more success in niche retailing, and emphasizing the great success our eComm|ShopNAV filtered search technology has already delivered.

Online Stores, No. 346 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, unveiled several new sites this year, including LandscapersStore.com and and DesignerBaby.com. These join other specialty sites like ConstructionGear.com (work clothing and boots) and SafetyGirl.com (personal safety items such as pepper spray and alarms for women).

A recent test deployment of eComm|ShopNav in the work boots section of ConstructionGear.com has already paid off terrifically. According to co-founder and vice president Kevin Hickey, work boots, in particular, are hard to fit customers. Filtered navigation is a great solution. Visitors can now tailor their search using specific categories such as gender, brand, color, shoe size and other criteria.

Since introducing filtered navigation, the conversion rate has improved, and Kevin plans to roll out the technology to other areas of the site as well as into other Online Stores sites. Just in time to ring up a lot more holiday sales, too!

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