The ROI of Site Search: The Abt Electronics Experience

By November 4, 2009eCommerce, Site Search
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Online retailers, whether speaking to us via email, phone calls or in person at trade shows, frequently want to know the bottom line benefit that can be realized from implementing site search technology. Sure, they’re interested in some or all of the following benefits:

  • Site visitors customers will remain longer
  • Site visitors will be able to find more easily find what they’re looking for (or if you don’t stock that particular SKU, you’ll be able to direct/nudge them to a competitive alternative that you do stock)
  • The ROI of PPC campaigns generally rises
  • Merchandising becomes easier and more profitable

 More often, however, what they really want to know is how much more profitable can their futures be.

 Well, If you saw the August Internet Retailer on site search, you saw just how profitable a future with site search closely integrated into site operations can be.

 In the article, Senior Editor Bill Siwicki profiles the experience of Abt Electronics, a long-time member of the Internet Retailer Top 500 and one of the largest independent electronics retailers in the US.  Since implementing our site search technology three years ago, Abt Ecommerce Director Ken Au has done pretty well:

  “…..Au reports an increase in sales of nearly 10% attributable to what he describes as site search technology significantly better than its predecessor…..”

 If you translate the 10% sales increase Ken attributes to Nextopia’s search technology into sales dollars, the numbers are pretty impressive.

 Sure, Abt.com is one of the most professional and successful online stores you’ll find anywhere and your own sales may be a lot less so you won’t necessarily see millions of dollars in incremental revenues. But whatever your revenues are today, by improving your site search technology, those revenues will most likely be higher next month.

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