Nextopia Product Finder is a great site search enhancement tool to have on your eCommerce website.

Having an effective site search means better usability, and customers can find things more quickly.  This can translate into higher revenue, as customers who find what they are looking for easily are more likely to make a purchase.

How Product Finder Drives Conversions and Sales

Nextopia Product Finder guides your shoppers through an intuitive and interactive process that leads them to the exact product they’re looking for. This enhanced site search tool makes your customer’s buying decision streamlined, personalized and easy by asking the right questions, in the right sequence, and in the user interface best suited for your product catalog.  Completely customizable and easy to use, Nextopia Product Finder adds another conversion tool to your eCommerce website.

Navigate Complex Catalogs

For companies with large or complex catalogs, this site search tool guides customers through the creation of what are, in fact, quite complicated search queries. An automotive parts supplier, for example, might start by asking their visitors to enter the Make, Model and Year of their car before searching for parts.

Offer Suggestions

Other companies can benefit from the power of Nextopia Product Finder when their customers are looking for suggestions. A toy store could cater to gift shoppers by asking visitors to enter the child’s age, gender and areas of interest, for example, while a travel company might engage their customers by prompting for type of trip, region and month of travel.

This is a great tool to help increase your conversion rates and improve customer retention for your online retail website.

At Nextopia, we’re in the business of helping online retailers sell smarter. We’re a leader in site search among the Internet Retailer Top 1000. Our powerful technology streamlines and supercharges your sales and merchandising efforts, and improves your customers’ shopping experience.

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